Bye Blogger, Hello Jekyll

Bye Blogger, Hello Jekyll

Teach thy tongue to say ‘I do not know,’ and thou shalt progress. - Maimonides


Greetings 👋🏾, I hope it is not too late to wish everyone a happy new year 😅.

Last year when I was beginning ALX, a software engineering program, I envisioned myself creating a whole CMS for my portfolio and blog. My goal was if I got to enjoy building web applications, I would enjoy doing web security. A new strategy for learning web security is required because I never enjoyed programming web applications. I dropped out of the program (due to personal reasons), but I am doing their C and python programming modules.

Early this year, my friend and a mentor made a move on his blog, and I decided to do the same. After researching various Jekyll themes, I opted to buy the Hydejack Pro theme.

The move

Jekyll has a resource on how one can import my posts from Blogger. The ruby gem jekyll-import converts the Blogger XML file into a set of .html files. But that is half of what was required, and after research, I found a post by Russell Graves where he did some automation bit on his move from Blogger to Jekyll. I used some of his scripts with some minor tweaks and managed to get the markdown files. I still had to re-write the posts and create new images; it was tiresome, but I managed.


As the headline of the blog states, I am on a particular journey, and I plan to use this platform to share and rant about everything I learn.


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